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Wendy Rosvall-Brookes is one of the top Gold Coast Clairvoyant Mediums


She is regularly on radio and in magazines including, Gold FM, SeaFM, 8ha Alice Springs and Style Magazine.

Her uncanny ability to predict the future and foretell events is remarkable, as is her warmth, honesty and genuine support.

If you are looking for an exceptional Gold Coast Clairvoyant or psychic medium, then contact Wendy-Rosvall Brookes for your next reading.



Meet Wendy Rosvall-Brookes

The top Gold Coast Clairvoyant Medium



Wendy is a no-nonsense psychic clairvoyant medium who clearly and directly guides you to your next possibility, while also guiding you through your “hot water” moments!


Wendy tells you “exactly” what your future holds and helps you weed out what does not belong in your life. She gives you the practical tools to go out there and take control of your life.


Wendy’s psychic abilities come from a long line of powerful women in her family, who have given their permission for Wendy to take these gifts and help the world and it’s people in any way she can.


She is an Internationally-known Clairvoyant who has read for an incredible number of Radio and Television personalities throughout Australasia. She has a client base from all over the world who regularly consult with her.


Not only does Wendy have an ability to look into your potential future, she also consults with those who have passed on.


Wendy has the ability to see energy within the body and help you with any problems that she see’s.  She can take your vibration and transport herself into your home, and into the minds of the people in your life to help guide you and give you sign-posts to watch out for.



Wendy is truly a remarkable woman.


Like all people with her gift, Wendy has had a lot of “lessons” to deal with in her own life.  As a result you find her level of compassion and honesty breathtaking.


”I am a very “different” person than most.  I have a “gift” which to me is something that needs to be shared, and through that will come my life’s work,” said Wendy.


”I remember when I was about four years old and seeing beings in my bedroom, I knew then that I was different, as they were only for my eyes.  As I was growing up, I used to stare at people and get pictures in my head of their lives even though they were complete strangers.  My peers used to say “Wendy, you are just not like us!!”  I grew up in the company not of friends or family but of the unseen world and today they are still my “family” my best friends. They are HOME!” said Wendy.



Wendy resides in  the beautiful oasis of Robina on the Gold Coast, in Queensland, Australia.


In her spare time, Wendy is currently writing her first book “Funny you should say that” ( as she hears that on a daily basis), which is due for publishing/ release in 2014.

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