Consultations with Top Psychic Medium – Wendy Rosvall-Brookes


Personal Consultations

The optimal consultation is a one-on-one personal consultation, which lasts approximately one hour in total.

During your consultation, Wendy Rosvall-Brookes will tune into your vibration by holding a piece of your jewellery (watches are not preferred – her energy stops them working!). Wendy then delves into your personality, current problems, past, present and future.


During your consultation, your deceased will also enter into the conversation if they have any messages to give you.

Wendy uses Tarot at the end of your personal consultation only to confirm what she has already told you.

Wendy does not tape consultations as her kinetic energy plays havoc with anything electrical. You are more than welcome to bring your own recorder, for which Wendy holds no responsibility for the outcome of the recording.


Skype Consultations

Wendy Rosvall-Brookes is now available on Skype. It’s just like being in her office!

You choose the time frame of the appointment that you need, and then contact her for an appointment. Easy!
Wendy has clients all over the world in countries such as USA, France, UBud, Hawaii, Australia and many more countries.


Telephone Consultations

You may also take part in a phone consultation. Wendy has read for people around the globe via telephone.

Prior to your consultation you forward by e-mail, pictures of loved ones and your departed. Wendy will e-mail you an appointment time for when she is available for you to call her.

You select either a 1/2 hour telephone consultation (recommended ), or a 1 hour telephone consultation.


Email Consultations

Wendy also conducts e-mail readings. Email her the questions you need answered, and she will reply within a 24 hour period with your answers.




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