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Welcome to the home of the top Gold Coast Clairvoyant Medium

Wendy Rosvall-Brookes is one of the top Gold Coast Clairvoyant Mediums

Her uncanny ability to predict the future and foretell events is remarkable, as is her warmth, honesty and genuine support.

If you are looking for an exceptional Gold Coast Clairvoyant or psychic medium, then contact Wendy-Rosvall Brookes for your next reading.



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Wendy is available for consultations in-person,  In-House or via telephone, Skype or Facetime.

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Gift vouchers are available for yourself to use at a future time or for a loved one as a special gift.

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A private reading session with Wendy provides you with a very intimate, sacred, private and confidential atmosphere as she guides you along your life journey with her amazingly clear insight and providing communication with/from your loved ones.

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Spiritual Healing and Mentoring Packages Now Available

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual research has shown us that up to 80% of the problems in a person’s life can have their root in the spiritual dimension.

More commonly know as "They laying on of Hands'

Wendy uses her raised vibrational frequency to raise yours which in turn eradicates any negative energy or problems from the past that may affect you moving freely forward into your future.

These can be grief, pain, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, feeling stuck in life, anger,trust, and the result of trauma and most of all gives a feeling of extreme peace.

You lie on a massage table under a blanket extremely comfortable and drift off somewhere nice listening to beautiful music and Wendy and her helpers do the rest.

Spiritual Mentoring

A lot of people like to have regular one to one contact with Wendy for Spiritual mentoring.

This can cover any area of your  life that you feel may not be working  or that you feel stuck on.

Business, relationships, prosperity consciousness, self esteem, spirituality.

She does it all

You will work out the end result you would like and Wendy will coach you there in a time fram of your choice.

Goals will be met, accountability will be given and changes will radically happen.


Monthly subscription to Wendys live Spiritual Bootcamp - where you get a prescription for life!