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Hi Wendy,

You probably wont remember me. I came to see you in August. My grandfather had recently passed and you gave me incredible comfort as I was not coping with his passing.

Wendy I wanted to update you on my life since I saw you and the accuracy of your predicitions – quite incredible.

At the time I was not speaking with my son, but you gave me the sage advice of needing to give him space, that I hadn’t lost him. We are now closer than in a very long time which is fantastic.

You also told me that I would be offered an amazing opportunity by a man who, although not old, was old fashioned in his ways. You thought it may be an accounting firm or similar. You thought the offer would be made this year but not taken up until February.

Well, today I have been offered a role – by a gentlman exactly fitting your description – as a General Manager with an accounting firm. I wont start the role until February as I am temping there at the moment part time. Completely unexpected but exactly as you predicted.

Wendy, you gave me an incredible gift when I saw you. I was lost in life by my grandfathers death and not knowing where my career was headed. I felt you were accurate and held on for these things to happen. They have and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Have a wonderful Christmas,


A psychic with a big heart and accuracy who’ll tell you as it is from her heart.

Terrye Cole-Meiklejohn

Have seen Wendy in person for a in house reading and also had phone readings and each time her accuracy is amazing. Would love her with her guides beside me each day. x

Michelle Parker

Wendy gave me a reading earlier this year she is very kind caring lady would love an update thankyou

Debbie Scott

An overwhelming amazing experience … I felt at complete peace with Wendy and she was spot on with a variety of topics she brought up …. I want more !
Very thankful ❤️

Kellie Bowser

I had a reading in person about 3 Year’s ago , Wendy was recommend by friend .She said my daughter will have twins and now I have beautiful twin grand children, Wendy is amazing

Sev Indrele

I’ve met with Wendy twice in the past 7 years and I can not believe how accurate she was about so many things! Wendy is amazing and I highly recommend.

Leah Porter

Had a reading yesterday , she was fantastic and got so many things correct . And very funny . Enjoyed our interaction thanks Sarah ❤️

Sarah O'Loughlin

I saw Wendy almost six months ago and everything so far has come to fruition. I would love to see her again for a top up on Spiritual Guidance. Thank you Wendy! 🙂

Natasha Strickland

I met with Wendy in person for the first time earlier this year. I immediately felt at ease when I walked into her home. I found her to be extremely accurate, kind and honest. I had no hesitation referring her to friends and family. I look forward to meeting with her again in the future.

Kathryn Perkins

I had my first reading this month & I couldn’t recommend Wendy any more highly. I found it to be a fantastic experience & will definitely return to meet with her again in the future. Thank you Wendy

Michelle Parnaby

Wendy was very down to w
.everything she said was very accurate

Lois Dunasemante

I have seen Wendy twice now first in person 3 years ago, she told me a whole lot of things that at the time sounded like they could not happen but since then have all taken place.
Today i needed guidance with my Career so i did a skype reading and it left my mind at ease.
HIGHLY recommend seeing her if you can 10/10

Kurt Joseph

Hi Wendy,

I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you.

I initially made the appointment somewhat out of desperation because I miss Dad so much and everything else just got on top of me. I’ve had a lot to deal with lately and admittedly thought (sorry) that even if you didn’t have all the answers, just getting the questions out there might get me off my butt to start sorting some of these things out.

I was worried that I’d get very upset but I actually feel a sense of relief having re-affirmed that some people are just the way they are and trying to reason with them would just be a waste of my time and energy. I was too caught up in a lot of things, thanks for helping me take a step back. I am very grateful for your guidance and advice, not only through sharing your gift but as a mother and woman telling me some home truths.

I’ll have to come back for a visit after I get through this little chapter. I’m sure you hear this all the time, but, thanks again for pulling me out of my funk and re-assuring me that my amazing Dad is still here for me.

It means a lot to me.

Name withheld

Good morning Wendy I would just like to say thank you for my reading yesterday it was great and really meant a lot to me thank you again you are brilliant xx

Tracey Simpson

I have known Wendy for a number of years and have had the pleasure of seeking her guidance by being one of her clients. Wendy is a warm, wonderful and caring person with a heart of gold and a beautiful soul. I am a 36yr old Maori women who is extremely staunch and stand offish with people, when I met Wendy I felt instantly calm and happy. I was seeking guidance for a number of reasons and when I drove up to my appointment my head was swimming with a million thoughts of work, money, finding a man, wondering why I was in Australia, wondering when I would return home to New Zealand just a million things.

Once I saw Wendy and she started talking to me all the thoughts in my head left and the feeling of calm washed over me followed by happiness. This in itself told me Wendy is a very gifted person, I had planned to walk out making some lame excuse if I didn’t feel comfortable with her but there was no need.

I have been to many readers and clairvoyants over the years starting from the age of 18 up until now and not one of them have been as specific or right about so many details of my life. To this day I’m still blown away with the amount of details she got so right. For example Wendy told me not to go home for Christmas but instead go to Townsville with my older brother and his daughter. Firstly how did she know I was going home to NZ, secondly how did she know I have an older brother in Australia with a daughter and thirdly how did she know they were going to Townsville? Wendy has always said that its not information she knows it’s information our guides/ guardians are giving her and its with her gift that she is able to communicate with them. I am a strong believer that Wendy is a wonderfully gifted and beautiful women.

She speaks in a true manner, meaning there is no airy fairy nonsense from her she will just tell it like it is, this is a quality more people need to display.

When people in my life become lost or confused about the direction they should be taking I recommend they see Wendy because she can help guide people out of the dark into clarity and peace and give them the drive and passion to make the most out of life. In this fast past day in age feeling lost and unsecure in your decisions can cloud your judgement and lead to poor decisions, meeting Wendy and hearing what your guardians want you to do is a priceless experience that I am so grateful I have had the opportunity to do.

There are a number of examples I could give but this would run into 10 pages, if there is anything I can do to further acknowledge my appreciation of having met Wendy and experiencing her gift first hand, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am happy to send you all the details of the things Wendy has told me that is 100% accurate and continues to happens just as she advised, to date (being the dates she said they would happen).

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and I hope you too will be blessed to meet Wendy and have your own wonderful experience of her gift.


I just wanted to thank you for my reading on Saturday, I have come away for the first time from seeing a psychic feeling a little more at peace with myself.

I listened to the song ‘Danny Boy’ and yes I cried, actually I haven’t stopped, however, Damien’s message to me was loud and clear and which is interesting as the lady I saw in Toowoomba also mentioned this song to me back in April! (I should of listened to it then and maybe I wouldn’t have been so tormented with doubts)!!!

Barb was also delighted with your reading and said, “Right Sal we’ll be seeing Wendy in 6 months”, and she has briefly looked at First Aid courses too, you’ll be pleased to hear!!

Anyway my dear, thank you once again for everything, I have emailed my friend in NZ your link so hopefully she will be touch!


Such an amazing experience meeting Wendy. She was spot on with all of her insights and gives great advice. I highly recommend her and will definitely be back to see her again.

Angela W

Had much pleasure of having phone reading with Wendy.
Wendy was so informative with the questions I asked. And I felt very relieved with having a reading with her. It was a beautiful experience.

Shaylee Edmed

I have seen Wendy several times over the past six or seven years or so. She is professional and lovely to be in the precence of. In my experience with Wendy she has mentioned information she could not possibly of known about and future things that have been precise in detail. Sometimes even things I probably didnt want to know, however I like that she holds nothing back giving you a full and accurate reading hence the reason I continue to see Wendy. If you’re seeking clarity, honesty and accuracy without the unrelatable nonsense that you can sometimes get with readings then I recommend Wendy.

Tracey DeTert

What an amazing experience… from the moment I walked in and before I sat down Wendy started reading. Her attention to detail was astounding. She provided insight into many areas of our lives and most ‘rang true’ in that moment. Yesterday we received confirmation of one major ‘prediction’ Wendy told us. Thank you Wrndy… I will be back and so will some of my friends.

Michelle Verrall

Well worth seeing. Been spot on with her predictions and such an nice environment. If you looking for direction or clarity on a life issue Wendy is definitely worth talking to.

Peter Wood

Seriously people don’t go to anyone else. Wendy is amazing, readings are always spot on and insightful. You won’t want to go anywhere else after Wendy has read for you. Beautiful, calming atmosphere..highly recommend.

Olivia Cadogan

I’ve been to Wendy many times over the past 9 years. Any time I need a little reassurance that everything’s ok or if I’m unsure of something in my life, she’s my go to for an honest, straight down the line accurate insight to what’s going on. She’s been spot on about so many things. I won’t go to anyone else.

Bec Holloway

Wendy did a reading for me three and a half years ago and the reading was spot on. She has a lovely way about her, is very calming and makes you feel very comfortable. Ive just made an appointment to see her again and Im really looking forward to it.

Nicole Marsh

it was truly a great experience to have met with Wendy, she is spot on and is straight to the point she is truly gifted and has a calming and kind nature. I would highly recommend her what a gifted lovely lady.

Marie Chouja

Amazing left feeling very up lifted.

Ginger D'Helon

Wendy is the first and only clairvoyant I have ever seen in my life . I have recommended her to family and friends. Can not express more the accuracy this woman holds with her messages

laurence benjamin

Amazing lady.

Andrea Cathro

Wendy is the real deal. I’ve had 2 sessions with her 6 months apart and she was consistent the 2nd time with the things she’d told me months prior. I am so grateful to have her guidance. She is fun, light, understanding, and deeply compassionate. She’s switched on to the real world and very knowledgeable about an array of topics! I enjoy her practical advice and always leave with a plan and an energetic shift. Go in with an open heart, let her tap in, and flow with the conversation. Start with gratitude and you will see it unfold. She gives you undivided attention and if you ask her to clarify something with your guides she will! You’ll gain clarity! Thank you Wendy!

Jessie Ferguson

such a welcoming environment, really enjoyed Wendy’s presence!

Moana Benjamin

I have seen Wendy several times and her readings have been spot on. A delightful lady with a special gift.

Annie Politakis

Had an amazing experience recently, now just hoping that her predictions for a few months will come true! Highly reccomend x

Emily Birthisel

I have seen Wendy twice now first in person 3 years ago, she told me a whole lot of things that at the time sounded like they could not happen but since then have all taken place.
Today i needed guidance with my Career so i did a skype reading and it left my mind at ease.
HIGHLY recommend seeing her if you can 10/10

Kurt Joseph

Beautiful woman beautiful energy. As real as you get. Love Wendy. So many things Wendy has mentioned to me have already come to light. Thankyou xx

Kirstin Young

I have consulted Wendy multiple times and she has been an incredible support. Her insights are spot on, she is kind and caring in her delivery and a pleasure to speak with. I highly recommend her. Thank you Wendy! X

Sarah Thomas

My first time seeing a clairvoyant and I was quite nervous and not sure what to expect. I have been searching for someone for almost two years now and knew as soon as I found Wendy this was the person to see.
As soon as I met Wendy I felt calm and was at ease. The whole session was more than I expected and blew my mind. Important questions to me were answered and I am yet to see if the predictions are accurate, however I have no doubt that they are as many other things about me/my life were described insanely to the point (I think even described more in depth than I had known myself). I will definitely be back and recommending to friends and family.

Brighley Dangerfield

Fantastic clairvoyant, very accurate and a lovely lady. I would highly recommend seeing her.

Cassie Cooney

very enlightening so helpfully calming and open conversation, was exactly what i needed to put everything in perspective and cleansing, will be going back again for sure, thank you wendy for all youve done this far!

maori tama

Amazing… all events that she said would happen over 24 months happened!
Highly recommended!

kurt joseph

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These can be grief, pain, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, feeling stuck in life, anger,trust, and the result of trauma and most of all gives a feeling of extreme peace.

You lie on a massage table under a blanket extremely comfortable and drift off somewhere nice listening to beautiful music and Wendy and her helpers do the rest.

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Goals will be met, accountability will be given and changes will radically happen.


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